Deadbeat Stunt Division

Take a look at the Deadbeat Stunt Division, this is a Harley Davidson only Motorcycle Stunt Team. The team consist of TJ Mccaffrey (@tjmccaffrey), Dennis Slattery (@dennis_978), and Mark Roberto (@_rarkmoberto). If you are looking to bring a fast, loud, professional motorcycle stunt team to your Harley Davidson Dealership, Festival, or Event please fill out the contact form at the bottom. Take a look below to learn more about the team.

Members of The Team

'04 FXDL Lowrider

TJ Mccaffrey

TJ first started riding when he was 3 years old, his first bike was a Suzuki JR50. He began racing motocross at the age of 9, and raced during his teen years on a Honda  CR250 (B Class) until he was 19. He didn't begin wheeling Harley's until he purchased his Lowrider in 2014.

Dennis Slattery

Dennis started riding dirtbikes at the age of 8, his first dirtbike was a Suzuki JR80. He got his start wheeling street bike, and didn’t start wheeling his Harley until he bought his Harley Davidson Street Bob.

'11 FXDB Streetbob
'03 FXD Superglide

Mark Roberto

Mark has been riding for 14 years, he got his first dirtbike at the age of 6, a Yamaha PW80. From there on he had multiple 80's and 125's leading to a Suzuki RMZ250. He purchased his first Harley in August of 2016 and began wheeling it right away. At only 20 years old Mark is the youngest rider on the team.

Joe Durt

Joe is the MC of the team, if you’ve seen Deadbeat at a motorcycle show chances are you’ve met Joe as well. Joe’s been around the motorcycle stunt scene since it first started with street bikes. He knows how to call a show and get the crowd going.

Team MC


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