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FXR Parts

The Harley Davidson FXR is one of the most popular bikes from the Harley product range. It’s considered one of the best handling bikes from the Big Twin lineup, which is why many people have purchased it since its release. The Harley FXR is designed to use a power train and mount similar to the FTL Tour Guide that was launched in 1980. The line underwent several revisions and was even removed completely from production at one time. When it was reintroduced back in 1999, it quickly became a hit

While these bikes are great, they’re also quite customizable. You can personalize them by changing the handlebars or upgrade their performance by changing the exhaust. At Deadbeat Customs, we have a wide range of good quality after-market Harley Davidson spare-parts for your FXR. These FXR parts are made from resilient and durable materials so they will withstand long road trips and different kinds of stunts.

We have a diverse catalogue with everything you will need to upgrade or repair your bike and this includes handlebars, clutch, driveline, transmission, fabrication parts, engine parts, frame and chassis, etc. Many of the FXR parts available in our store are made in the USA as well so you can trust the quality.

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